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You are invited to attend our monthly dinner (except as noted) held at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at 5th & Warren, Bremerton -Stated at 7:30 pm.

Ritual practice on Tuesdays.

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Station/PlaceNameEMAIL AddressPhone No.
Worshipful MasterWB Brian Georgewm@whupton206.org360-769-8483 360-340-0601
Senior WardenWB Jack Fordsw@whupton206.org360-271-6958
Junior WardenWB Scot Sageserjw@whupton206.org 360-813-1437 360-525-0029
TreasurerWB Phil Liggetttreas@whupton206.org360-698-0514
SecretaryWB Larry Hobacksecty@whupton206.org360-377-9955
MarshalWB Dick Dextermarshal@whupton206.org360-271-8222 360-692-6876
ChaplainWB Hank Carmanchaplain@whupton206.org360-731-6620
Senior DeaconWB James Houstonsd@whupton206.org360-698-7404
Junior DeaconWB Roberto DelaPenajd@whupton206.org360-616-2184 360-981-2592
Senior StewardWB Jim Ahlinss@whupton206.org360-813-1919
Junior StewardBR. Arturo Florendo Rosales, IIjs@whupton206.org360-908-8945
Asst. Secty
TylerWB Joel Domingo Ocampotyler@whupton206.org360-692-2084
MusicianWB Duran Burton
WebmasterVWB Lance OtisLotis666@gmail.com360-874-0835

Note: The Abbreviation WB stands for Worshipful Brother who is a Master or Past Master of a Lodge. The Abbreviation VWB stands for Very Worshipful Brother.
"Worshipful" is a Old English term for "Honorable" still used in Great Britain and in Masonic Lodges all over the world.